FUMU, 60 years of activity since 1961.

Company located in the province of Terni, was born as an artisan company in 1961. The dynamism that immediately distinguishes it allows it to evolve and specialize in 1980 in the production of office furniture.

It is currently a cutting-edge industrial reality, able to offer a highly competitive response to market demands.

FUMU works every day with great strength in the production of quality office furniture; and in line with the needs of the end customer to improve your work with your work, by operating a systematic control on each item and on each production step. Today it boasts a quality and production standard of high quality MADE IN ITALY. Lean company, without hierarchical barriers, cutting-edge machinery, fast deliveries, owned vehicles.

FUMU produces operational and executive office furniture, modern offices, work tables, desks, storage units, workstations, reception, meeting tables; office furniture solutions where quality at your service. Leading company in the production and distribution of office furniture in Italy with a wide range of products where it blends modern and current styles, offering over 60 years of experience in the office sector, also offering lines of modern design accessories.

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