FUMU, over 50 years of activity since 1961.The Company, based in the province of Terni, is born as an artisan company in 1961. It immediately stands out for its dynamic energy allowing it to evolve and specialize in the production of office furniture in 1980. Currently it represents a cutting edge industrial world able to offer a strong competitive response to market requirements.

FUMU each day it produces high quality office furniture with diligence and care to meet the end client requirements. It aims to improve your work by its work. The company systematically checks each article and production step. Today it offers high quality MADE IN ITALY qualitative and production standards. A streamlined company with vanguard machines, without any hierarchical barriers, with fast deliveries and its own vehicles.
FUMU produces operational and executive office furniture, modern offices, work tables, desks, container cabinets, workstations, reception, conference tables; office furniture solutions where quality is at your service. Leading company in production and distribution of office furniture in Italy, it has a vast range of products where it blends modern and current styles; it offers over 50 years of experience in the office sector and a line of accessories with a modern design.