Codice n. 06 AREA Reception

Reception AREA a line for reception, communication and operativeness. Modern and functional with a modularity and versatility of components and colors to help organize a reception area in an effective, sober and elegant way. The reception desk is the first image of the company where it is important to create a space for work and relations.
The importance of reception is synthesized by the new FUMU reception system, designed not go unnoticed. AREA welcomes in the best possible way: with the elegance of its glasses, with the sophistication of its finishes, with the functionality of the storage elements, which become an integral part of modern design. Bright signs with horizontal profiles that mark the front panels, contrasting materials cleverly combined, perfectly minimal lines.


Dark oak = RO 0107

Walnut armagnac = NA 0022

Larch = LA 0102

White = BI 0013

Silver = AR 0041

Glazed = SA 0091