Product description:

Acoustic sound absorbing panel MITESCO DESK for desk applications.

  • The panels composed of variable density material, use the patented Snowsound technology that allows selective absorption to be obtained at different frequencies, thus optimizing the acoustics of the environment despite the very limited thickness of the panels.
  • Snowsound panels have been tested in a reverberating chamber according to the UNI EN ISO 354 standard, obtaining the "Class of
  • Acoustic absorption A ”in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 11654 standard.
  • Snowsound technology was tested in the semi-anechoic chamber of the University of Ferrara to measure its noise reduction in accordance with the ISO 10053 standard. Measurements, carried out with different configurations, highlighted Snowsound's remarkable acoustic attenuation capacity, recording the performances at different frequencies.
    Dimensions cm L.75 / 119 / 159xH.44
  • Panel dimensions cm L.75 (for L.80 shelves)
  • Panel dimensions cm L.119 (for L.120 / 140 tops)
  • Panel dimensions cm L.159 (for L.160 / 180 tops)

The panel is supplied with a pair of steel matt varnished epoxy powders for free fixing over the desk top, using self-tapping screws.

The surfaces of the panel are covered in TREVIRA CS® polyester fabric solidly applied to the internal padding with which it forms a single seamless body.
The Snowsound single-material panel as a whole, external fabric and internal sound-absorbing material, has Class 1 Italia reaction to fire and Euroclass B-s2, d0. The tests were carried out on finished panels, that is composed of sound-absorbing material covered in fabric on both sides, as correctly required by the legislation, which for this type of product does not provide the possibility of separately testing padding and cover fabric.
Production: made in Italy