Why choose a made in Italy product?

Material and structural certifications.

Most of our products are CATAS certified according to the latest UNI standards.

You can perform the certifications at the following link: certifications

Environmental certifications and ecological respect.

The panels we use to make our products have FSC environmental certifications, as well as the E1 certification for low formaldehyde emissions. The company has an agreement with the "PANNELLO ECOLOGICO" consortium. The Ecological Panel Agreement was established with the aim of protecting the Ecological Panel brand and communicating its ecological quality and quality. The Ecological Panel Consortium certifies the characteristics of the Ecological Panel to the consumer.

The seats can be made with fireproof fabrics, with class 1 fire reaction certification issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

Italian design.

Our products are designed and designed by our Sudi Center and FUMU Industrial Team research, Design Office and internal collaborators, composed of dedicated designers for the creation of new lines and designers dedicated to technical and executive design.

The design in the office furniture is an all-Italian excellence, and does not only include the aesthetic aspect of the products and projects, but also the technical composition of the structural elements, of the highest quality and technology.

The low price.

It is thought that a made in Italy product costs more than an imported product.

Not true: with the same technical characteristics, the Italian product has equal or even lower price than the imported one.

This is because, in recent years, the dollar has increasingly acquired points compared to the euro, gradually nullifying the economic advantage that it guaranteed to purchases made in dollars.

The guarantee of production continuity and availability of components.

FUMU offers the guarantee of continuity for many furnishings: therefore, you will have the possibility of integrating your offices with the same furnishings purchased today. Furthermore, in the event of the need to replace a component, it can be done in a very short time, unlike the imported furnishings, whose components, if available, take months to reach their destination.